pet dental productsGuess what month it is...National Pet Dental Health Month!

Pet parents often forget that their four-legged friends are prone to the same dental issues as us, including bad breath, infection, tooth loss, and life-threatening diseases.

Unfortunately, over 70% of dogs and cats show signs of dental disease by the time they're three years old AND it's entirely preventable.

purina pro plan direct logoNickel City Animal Hospital is so excited to be a part of Purina Pro Plan Vet Direct Program!

It is an easy to use online shopping website that allows you to purchase all Purina ProPlan and Pro Plan Veterinary Prescription Diets.*

Vet Direct is connected to the clinic so we can approve your Purina Veterinary Diet needs fast. It gets even better with free shipping to your front door.

Dog in the snowDid you know that cold weather poses serious threats to your pet's health?

Use these tips to keep your pets safe during cold weather - or the Buffalo weather rollercoaster:

senior labrador dog smile We are now offering Dasuquin Advanced chews for dogs and cats as well as Flexadin Advanced for dogs.

If you have older pets, help protect their joints and if you have younger pets, help protect their joints early! Larger breeds of dogs are susceptible to joint issues while smaller breeds typically have issues with their backs and knees. As cats age, they often begin to experience painful arthritic symptoms. Felines can begin developing arthritis at two years old.

More Information About Flexadin Advanced Chews

Take advantage of these great rebates and promotions on products we recommend and offer to keep your pets free from fleas, tick-borne illnesses, and heartworm disease.