Here at Nickel City Animal Hospital, we like to offer many different ways to enhance your pet's health. Kinesiology taping is a surgery-free and drug-free treatment to relieve pain and decrease healing time in pets.

Our Kinesiology taping provides pain relief by stabilizing and supporting muscles and joints. This treatment can help with new and old injuries such as a cruciate tear or arthritis. Taping reduces pain by stimulating mechanoreceptors and blocking nociceptors (pain receptors). It helps to increase blood and lymph flow throughout the area of an injury, therefore reducing swelling, bruising and healing time.

After major procedures or different types of injuries, this treatment can help to improve proprioception and re-educate neuromuscular function.

If you think that your pet may benefit from Kinesiology taping, or if you have any questions, please contact our office at (716) 847-1000.